Turtle Hero

Turtle Hero

Just as freshwater turtles move between the two worlds of water and land, so too does Peter Praschag.  A native of Graz and recognised as one of the world’s eminent turtle biologists, Peter moves effortlessly between the two worlds of science and field biology.  Turtles were always part of his childhood, as an adult they became his life’s passion.  In an old house on the outskirts of the city he keeps almost one third of the world’s freshwater turtles, now considered to be the most endangered vertebrate species on the planet.  Peter’s desire is to save turtle species from extinction, and in this enthralling film we follow him as he works in Graz and travels to Brazil, Vietnam and Bangladesh to save some of the most endangered turtles on earth.  Peter Praschag is one of those rare people who make a difference, he is the TURTLE HERO.

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  • 2016



Turtle Hero
Turtle Hero
Turtle Hero
Turtle Hero
Turtle Hero
Turtle Hero
Turtle Hero
Turtle Hero
Turtle Hero
Turtle Hero
Turtle Hero


Written and Directed by

Jeremy Hogarth


Rolando Menardi

Additional Photography

Johannes Pötscher

Zhao Dong

Camera Assistants

Günter Schinnerl

Florian Wollinger

Engelbert Obex

Wang Ze Yi Hu


Alexandra Herzog

Original Music

Stefan Schrupp

Sound Design and Mix

Christofer Frank


Simon Wendler


Lee Niederkofler


Andrew Solomon

3D Graphics

Guido Fritsch

Scientific Advisors

Richard Vogt, Brazil

Camila Ferrara, Brazil

Virginia Bernardes, Brazil

Gerald Kuchling, China

Lu Shunqing, China

Thomas Hildebrandt, Berlin

Susanne Holtze, Berlin

Frank Göritz, Berlin

Shannon DiRuzzo 

Peter Praschag 

Is a biologist and turtle expert with conservation projects in Austria, India and Bangladesh


In Collaboration with 

Suzhou Zoo, China

Changsha Zoo, China

Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia, Manaus

Leibniz-Institut für Zoo - und Wildtierforschung, Berlin

Naturhistorisches Museum, Vienna

Tiergarten Schönbrunn, Vienna

Karl-Franzens-Universität - Institut für Zoologie, Graz

San Diego Zoo, California

Turtle Survival Alliance, Texas

Asian Turtle Program, Hanoi

Wildlife Conservation Society

Batagur Breeding Centre, Bangladesh

Barbara Rosanelli, Film Commission Graz 

Turtle Island, Graz


National Geographic Creative

NHNZ Moving Images 

Stephen Divers

The Producers wish to thank 

Immanuel Karner, Julia Lamprecht

Kiran Praschag, Rainer Praschag, Doris Prenninger, 

Christian Sturmbauer, Georg Gassner, Verónica Frechilla, 

Pham Van Thong, Nguyn Thu Thuy, Chung Nuu Nguyen, 

Tim McCormac, Tran Van Cuong

Location Managers

Rupali Ghosh, India & Bangladesh

Wolfgang Rebernik, Vietnam

Carolina Fernandes, Brazil

Yi Nan, China

Production Manager

Alexandra Herzog


Lukas Kogler

Unit Mangers, ORF

Gabriele Wistawel

Roman Landauer

Commissioning Editors

Andrew Solomon, ORf 

Jörg Krause, ARTE G.E.I.E

Bernd Strobel, BR

Executive Producer, ORF

Franz Fuchs

Series Editor, ORF

Andrew Solomon

Head of Factual, ORF

Gerhard Klein

Produced by dreiD.at

in  Coproduction with


in Association with, ORF Enterprise, Cine Styria and Stadt Graz

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